Madeleine L'Engle

hi my name is john conklin, when i was 6 years old in 1962 my kindergarden used to read from your book to uus ech day , i don,t know why i always remembered the title of your book when i was at such an early age' my daughter who is now 6 was with me in an target department stor an few months ago when she was your book, and recognized the title because i had told her about it and promised ii would read it to her if i ever was an copy of it again, it was like reliving it all over again at age 6,, although it has been over 50 years sent,s i heard the story i thought that the end of story was abrupt and diffrent than in the orginal boon published in 1962 book, i do not remember tesserating away from the it of gaint brain with out destroying it , it seemes that the story was shortned or changed ? i enjoyed the book very much, please respond, sincerely john

Madeleine L'Engle responded on 10/04/2017

Hi John, Thanks so much for writing. Madeleine died in 2007, but she would have been moved by your story of sharing A Wrinkle in Time with your daughter. To answer your question, A Wrinkle in Time has not been shortened or changed since it was first published in 1962.

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