Madeleine L'Engle

Hi Ma'am my name is Jhara and I am a great fan of yours! I've never read all your books because I still lack money to buy but among the books I read my most favorite book was "Troubling a Star." I don't know if it's the last of the series, so I'm just here to ask that if it is the last book of the series? Oh yeah, I'm really loving the way Vicky's mind works and her infatuation towards Adam Eddington, will Adam III reciprocate Vicky's feelings towards him? It's fine if you won't tell me if they'll be together. I guess if you don't tell me, it means that the readers must be the ones who will be thinking of their happy ending. Anyways, thanks again! I hope you get to answer my questions :) God bless!

Madeleine L'Engle responded on 09/26/2017

Dear Jhara,
Thanks so much for writing and how wonderful that you're such a Vicky person! Madeleine died in 2007, so can't answer your questions about what happens with Vicky and Adam. Troubling a Star is indeed the last in the series, and she never let on what happens. Seems like a ripe topic for fan fiction!

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