Madeleine L'Engle

I am so excited to have just read that Madeline L'Engle's grand-daughters are co-writing a biography of their grand-mother. I have been a fan of Madeline L'Engle for nearly 20 years and have read nearly 30 of her writings. My goal is to read everything written by Ms. L'Engle in my life-time. No small feat. I am also humbled by the fact that she and I share the same birthday, November 29th, which is very special to me. Please keep us all informed of when the biography will come out. I cannot wait to read it!


Remy Ansiello

Madeleine L'Engle responded on 11/30/2016

Dear Remy, Happy birthday to you! Thanks for your kind note. We will definitely keep folks informed about the biography. Happy reading, and tesser well!

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